Exploring Property Crime and Home Security

Each year the statistics seem worse and worse. Certain categories of statistical data rise, and the reports seem once again designed to keep homeowners shaking in their shoes. One particular category is extremely frightening, that of ‘property crime.’ To many homeowners, the thought of falling victim to a ‘property crime’ is so frightening because it encapsulates many fears such as waking to face an intruder in the middle of the night, or someone entering the home to forceful harm family members. The problem, however, is that not everyone knows what exactly constitutes a ‘property crime.’ There are several categories, each of which can be equally as detrimental to your safety and home security. Consider some of these top ‘property crimes’ and how to prevent them from happening on your property.

Break-ins. There are many reasons that a person might want to break into a home. For starters, the obvious reason is to rob the homeowner of valuable contents which can later be sold for cash or used to obtain other expensive items like drugs or guns. The intruder may also simply want to cause harm to the family or homeowner, or may be engaging in thrill-seeking behavior. Whatever the reason, it is important to prevent an intruder from breaking into the home because once inside the tension and passion of committing such a crime can easily cause the situation to escalate. When such a situation escalates it is no longer a matter of losing belongings, but can terminate in violence or even death. Use excellent window and door locks at all time to make entry into the home as tough as possible. Eliminate things around the lawn that might help the intruder such as bushes or fences that provide cover from the street view, and tools or ladders left out on the lawn. When possible, consider installing a home alarm system as the last line of defense.

Vandalism. The word vandalism can refer to many kinds of destruction in and around a home. Today, there are more people than ever having trouble to find work, keep work and even get into or pay for higher education. This leads to an increased number of youth out on the street or left unsupervised by adults. The results of such a situation can easily escalate from boredom into destruction. Anything from simple graffiti to smashing windows or menacing phone calls can be seen as a direct threat to the homeowner. While such pranks may seem harmless, the fact of the matter is that such situations can escalate quickly as the vandals increase their dependence on thrill-seeking behavior. Instead of putting up with vandals, make a call to the authorities and report each and every incident. This way, you have a case built up when something truly horrible happens.

Arson. It’s always a good idea to protect a home with a home security system that includes flood and fire protection. One of the scariest things to think about, however, is the idea that someone else might actually go about lighting a house on fire. Whether out of boredom, by accident, or for the enjoyment of destruction, arson is scary. Protect your family from arson by keeping vandals at a distance with perimeter and home alarm systems.